Who we are

Infoterra SGSA was established in 2007 by the following shareholders: Astrium (60%), Hisdesat (20%) and ICC (20%); we have offices in Barcelona and Madrid. Infoterra SGSA is part of the GEO-Intelligence Programme Line of Airbus Defence and Space, which with more than 800 staff in 13 countries, has an extensive network of partners and customers. 

Our team of professionals' lengthy and extensive experience and our work in R&D enables us to offer unique geo-information products, tools and services for a wide range of applications.

Our main customers include: AENA, ICC, Indra, Institut de Geomàtica (Institute of Geomatics), Instituto Geográfico Nacional (National Geographic Institute), Inta, Xunta de Galicia (Galicia's Regional Council).

What we do

Geographical information is fundamental to good environmental management and essential for maintaining control over economic processes. 

We offer advice on, LiDAR, design and supply geo-information products and services to official bodies and organisations as well as to industry and technology companies. 

Our geo-spatial solutions offer you the knowledge you need for taking the most effective decisions in areas ranging from network planning to risk management and natural disasters, and from agriculture and the environment to security and defence.

Latest News

Astrium and Hisdesat to establish radar satellite constellation to improve coverage and access

25 April 2012

Astrium Services and Hisdesat, the Spanish government satellite service operator, have signed a framework agreement for a joint technology development project with the aim of establishing a constellation approach for the radar satellites TerraSAR-X and PA

Forthcoming Events